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Edith Allard

May 9, 2019

Almost 5 years ago, my kids and I went to Newfoundland for a family reunion with their Dad’s Kieley family. Flying home, landing late at Ottawa, I stayed with my daughter in Manotick. Her daughter-in-law showered and put her wet feet on the tile floor, and old stupid here, went dashing in, hit the water and smashed into the wall, breaking my ankle to pieces.
Operation in Ottawa, then had to come somewhere to rehab, this place was brand new, so Barb placed me here. After 3 months of care, I was fit to go back to Pembroke, BUT, I had fallen in love with the building and staff, so here I stayed..,sold the farm, and am living happily.
The building is gorgeous, but the staff MAKES the place. From chef and waiters to cleaning lady, Joe and Sebastian, nurses and psw’s, they all are so very caring of everybody. Plus the entertainment and activities. When friend or family call I am NEVER in my room, just out enjoying whatever is going on.
Besides the staff the “inmates” I have met have become family to me.
I used to rant at God for breaking my ankle, now I look heavenward and say, “thanks so much for blessing me with an injury that brought me to Eden on earth”.

Catherine B.

May 7, 2019

Everyday the Staff greet me with wonderful smiles. I am happy to say that this feels like HOME!

Dorothy Condie

May 7, 2019

I am happy to live at Manotick Place because:
Our Activity Leader is No. #1
There are many friendly people here and I have made a lot of new friends.
The staff that help me every morning and night are very good.
The workers in the Dining Room are always helpful.
My suite and the rest of the building is always very clean.

Barbara T. Calnan

May 3, 2019

Manotick Place is situated on the Rideau River in the historic village of Manotick. There are spectacular views of the fast moving Rideau River from the suites situated on the North side of the building. My husband and I came to live here in April 2016 with some trepidation, as we had always lived on our own; living with other people in close proximity was a bit daunting for us. We needn’t have worried as we were welcomed into the Retirement Community with warm smiles and handshakes. The staff were always smiling and helpful and made us feel quickly at home. Manotick Place soon became a refuge for my husband – he felt safe and secure here. As I became involved in the many activities, it quickly became home for me as well. My husband passed away last year and when I asked to have a memorial tribute here, the Director only asked: When? And How Many? It was a memorable day and I and my family will always be grateful for that. I am leaving Manotick Place for awhile but I am reserving the right to return should the need arise. We really shopped around before moving here and have certainly been happy and never regretted our decision to move to Manotick Place.

Richard D.

July 18, 2018

Loved being invited to your Strawberry Social at Manotick Place.

The river view property is beautiful, the delicious berry treats and live music were a real treat.

Thank you!

Irene Simm

July 18, 2018

To Linda Meek and all of the Staff,

A huge Thank You for making my stay so pleasant.  I was looked after so well.

Your kindness and helpfulness were so special.  I have recommended Manotick Place to my friends.

With appreciation,

Dick & Wilma

July 18, 2018

Left Manotick Place for a year to be near our family, to a place with no fun.

Moved back to Manotick Place for the fun, the pleasant staff and people, and to find food what it should be in Retirement living…Excellent!

Very happy.